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Ouch. It’s cool Gary Neal. You get an A for effort. As for you, Tyreke Evans, you get like 50 gold stars or whatever for being the only bright spot on a terrible Kings team. Anyways, you’ll probably see a lot of this dunk online today because it was pretty spectacular. But lucky for us the Spurs had the last laugh with a crushing 124-92 victory to take San Antonio to 60 wins for only the fourth time in franchise history.

On the verge of an absolute end-of-season meltdown last week, Los Spurs have been able to regain their form by winning three in a row. And as a result of the Lakers’ loss to El Jazz (doesn’t have the same ring to it) the Spurs have now clinched home-court advantage through the playoffs. Having only lost five games at home this season, this is a pretty huge advantage for us.

MVP of the game clearly goes to Ginobli. 25 points, 4 for 6 from behind the arc (including a 3rd quarter 3 that was the start of a 20-6 run), 5 assists, and 4 rebounds. When he steps up, the whole team responds. Aggressive play, great ball movement, exciting basketball for fans. Every criticism I’ve heard about the Spurs I can point to last night’s game as evidence to otherwise.

Of course Timmy stepped up with 12 points and Parker had 15. Even our friend up there Gary Neal had 14 points off the bench. (I told you, A for effort)

Saturday the Spurs take on the Jazz, while my stomach and liver take on Oyster Bake

Let’s hope one of them wins.

*Bonus* Tyreke Evans dunks on Gary Neal